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How to Grill with Flavor

There’s more to grilling great food than cooking over an open flame. Turn up the heat on your next grilled meal by adding one of the three basic ways to flavor grilled foods — marinades, rubs or sauces.

Marinades are usually a mix of oil and an acid like citrus juice or vinegar. Soaking food in a marinade, which can also contain herbs and spices, allows food to absorb all the delicious flavors in the marinade. Make sure that any marinade that comes into contact with raw meat or poultry not come into contact with cooked foods.

Rubs are mixtures of herbs and spices that are literally rubbed onto raw meat to add flavor. Some rubs are made with a little oil or liquid, just enough to make a paste that’s applied the same way as a dry rub.

Sauces are brushed on in the last few minutes of cooking. Applying them early on in cooking will cause them to burn before your meat is cooked.

For more tips on how to get your grill on this summer, check out Five Tips for Grilling Greatness.


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