How Buying Organic Saved Me Money

Yes, that’s right. I saved money on my weekly grocery bill by buying organic produce.

I’ve been gradually making the shift to buying organic foods for my family and trying to balance that with my weekly food budget. I worried that spending more for organic produce would break the bank. I was wrong. (Please, nobody tell my husband.)

As I made my way through the aisles of Mom’s (My Organic Market) I carefully chose a selection of veggies and fruits, imagining as I chose how I’d prepare or serve them and for what meal. At the register, my total was about a third less than my regular produce bill.

I realized that because I was concerned about cost, I only selected foods I knew I would use. I didn’t just grab everything that looked good or struck my fancy. I bought what I had a plan for and in addition to saving a few bucks (and having the cute courtesy clerk carry my organic swag to my car), at the end of the week I didn’t have to endure the dump of shame – that dismal end of the week ritual where I throw away the produce that went bad before I figured out what to do with it.

While I aspire to be like my organized and industrious friends who enter the grocery store armed with a detailed shopping list generated by a weekly menu, I’m not there yet. Baby steps.

My little experiment did make me wonder how much I could save if I did sit down and create a serious weekly meal plan, but that’s a story for another day.


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One response to “How Buying Organic Saved Me Money

  1. I have to work on this myself. Even when not buying organic! I bought these massive heirloom tomatoes last weekend because they just looked so good. I realized last night (after 5 days!) I had forgotten to make that tomato sauce I’d been dreaming about when I bought them. Fortunately, they lasted. Other produce doesn’t fare so well.
    You make a great point though. I often am more selective when it costs more!

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