Blood Oranges

I got lucky twice in one day yesterday. I finally found time to check out the new MOM’s (My Organic Market) in my neighborhood (score) and while there I picked up my first blood oranges of the season. (Double score.)

Blood oranges are a delicious variety of orange marked by a telltale crimson flesh. Their dark color is caused by an extra pigment that regular oranges don’t have. Flavor wise, blood oranges are often slightly sweeter and if you’re lucky you’ll taste subtle undertones of raspberry or strawberry. They’re available in winter and spring, from December to April or May, and can be used like standard oranges. Their bright reddish color is striking in salads, sauces and even cocktails.


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  1. We love blood oranges! They are sweet! We buy oranges every year for ourselves and family members as gifts! My husband and I haven’t ever bought blood oranges but maybe we’ll try that this year!

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