Trivet? Hot Plate?

Over the summer I was lucky enough to spend several days lounging around the pool with my great friend, Kathy. (I suppose if I were younger or hipper I’d refer to her as my BFF.) We were talking food (of course) and making plans for the cookbook we plan to pen together when the word trivet came up…and a debate ensued.

I had only known the word to be used to describe either a small raised stand used to rest hot dishes on to protect your table or countertop; or vegetables stacked on the bottom of a roasting pan used to perch meat or poultry on in lieu of a roasting rack. Roasting meats or poultry on a trivet of vegetables has a few added benefits. First, it allows you to roast foods well, even if you don’t have a fancy roasting pan with a rack. It also elevates the meat, allowing air to circulate more evenly. The vegetables will give your meat a bit more flavor and will help keep it moist. Plus you’ll get to eat the deliciously-flavored vegetables once you’re done.

Kathy’s family had always referred to the trivets on her mom’s counter as hot plates, which I thought were the dorm-room contraband my college roommate and I used to boil water for instant oatmeal or Top Ramen. Upon further investigation it turns out we’re both right (of course). You can continue to call you trivet a hot plate (even though it’s really NOT) in peace.

(Readers, I see the stats so I know you’re there even, though you’re a comment-shy bunch, but I beg  you to leave a comment to let me know where you stand on the trivet debate.)



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3 responses to “Trivet? Hot Plate?

  1. josh

    I think hot plates and trivets are synonyms.

  2. kathryncoulibaly

    I think Kathy is totally right. It’s a hot plate. Love the post!

  3. Albert

    …. I’ve scoured the web in search of a hot plate, what I also called it, with terrible luck. I’m trying to buy online and the way to do it was to search for “trivet”, presto!

    So blog owner, I side with you. Trivet.

    Feb. 14, 2011

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