How to Make Your Own Brown Sugar

Holiday How To — Day Nine — Each day leading up to Christmas I’ll post a bit of holiday know-how that will help make your season a little easier.

At some point during your seasonal baking you’ll likely find yourself out of one ingredient or another. If brown sugar’s the culprit, you can mix up your own in minutes.

Brown sugar is simply granulated white sugar with molasses added to it. To mix your own, simply place the granulated sugar in a bowl and with your mixer running, gradually add the molasses, mixing until it’s evenly distributed. You can make brown sugar by hand by simply stirring the molasses into the sugar, but the mixer produces a smoother, more even product.

The result should resemble the brown sugar you buy. Adjust the amount of molasses to suit your taste, using less for light brown sugar and more for dark brown. A general rule of thumb is to add about a tablespoon of molasses to one cup of sugar.

Your homemade brown sugar will have a slightly more pronounced molasses flavor than the store bought version, but in most cases the additional flavor will be a good thing.


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  1. Cynthia

    This is great to know. I have run out of brown sugar and this will be handy information for the next time it happens! Thanks.

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