How to Create a Five Minute Centerpiece

Holiday How To — Day Five — Each day leading up to Christmas I’ll post a bit of holiday know-how that will help make your season a little easier.

Holiday music; check. House filled with the aroma of delicious foods; check. Cocktails at the ready; check. Centerpiece for your dining table: uh-oh.

Creating a centerpiece is an often overlooked detail when planning a dinner party, as most people tend to focus on the food (and rightly so). If you find yourself looking for a quick centerpiece that you can pull together quickly using stuff you likely have on hand, look no further. You can assemble this one in a flash.

You’ll need a clear, glass vase, a bag of fresh cranberries and a taper candle. Pour the cranberries into the vase, filling it about half way, then nestle the candle in the center of the cranberries, making sure the bottom of the candle meets the bottom of your vase. The cranberries will hold the candle steady. Pop one or two of these in the center of your table and you’re ready, set, center-pieced for your dinner party.


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