5 Mistakes to Avoid in the Kitchen — Day 3

Read Your RecipeMistake #3 – Not Reading Your Recipe

As I was writing this, it occurred to me that today’s entry should have been first on my list of mistakes to avoid, since reading your recipe from start to finish before you actually start cooking is what this post is all about. This oversight could lead to a list of 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Blogging, (Mistake #1Not thinking your posts all the way through before posting. Tool #1 – Think posts through before posting.) but I digress.

All too often I’m asked during a cooking class, “what do I do next?” as puzzled students hold out bowls or pans full of ingredients. My response is always the same, “what does your recipe say?” Late last year I posted a how-to on reading a recipe, (https://howtoboilanegg.wordpress.com/2008/12/29/how-toread-a-recipe/), but here’s a brief recap.

Tool #3 – Read Your Recipe

Reading a recipe gives you a chance to both familiarize yourself with what you’ll actually be doing with the food and to make sure you have all the required ingredients and supplies. A quick read before you get caught up in the cooking will also make it much less likely that you’ll add ingredients in the wrong order, leave something out or do anything else that may compromise your dish. Think of your recipe as an instruction manual for your meal and your first instruction is to read the instructions.


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