Five Random Kitchen Gadgets I Love

Mango Corer1. Mango Corer – This nifty gadget perfectly removes the fuzzy mango core EVERY TIME, making it a breeze to toss a handful of sliced or diced mango into a salad or anything else you want to make extra delicious.


Egg Slicer

2. Egg Slicer – Yes, I can slice hard-cooked eggs with a knife, but an egg slicer ensures each slice maintains its shape and that the yolk stays nicely in place.



3. Mezzaluna – Italian for half moon, the mezzaluna is made up of either a single or double curved blade with a handle at each end. Hold onto the handles and rock the blade back and forth in a rocking motion to chop herbs or small foods like garlic.

Potato Masher


4. Potato Masher – I don’t make mashed potatoes very often, but when I do, my potato masher helps me put the ‘mashed’ in mashed potato pretty quickly.

Citrus Reamer5. Citrus Reamer – Citrus reamers or juicers make quick work of getting the most juice out of your citrus fruits and they’re cheap to boot!

What gadgets are in your kitchen?



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3 responses to “Five Random Kitchen Gadgets I Love

  1. Oh my god…I must have that mango corer! I had no idea that such a thing even existed. That is super cool!

    I have to say that one of the most beloved things in my crazy drawer (what I call the drawer with all my baking stuff) is my pastry blender. As I do not have a food processor *sob* I couldn’t live without my pastry blender. Other than that, have ump-teen sets of measuring spoons sure comes in handy!

  2. I love the mango slicer. I have the hardest time getting a mango sliced. I’ll keep my eye’s peeled for that one! 🙂

  3. I love my kitchen gadgets too, and am loathe to get rid of any of them. I know where that comes from….my mother 🙂

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