Gratuitous Post of the Week

Kahlua Walnut Pie from Kramerbooks & AfterwardsThis week in an effort to shed a few pounds and ‘feel better,’ I’ve given up Sugar. Yes, Sugar. Anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds with me is probably doubled over, laughing hysterically at the thought of me without my super sweet morning tea, assorted cookies and dessert-for-dinner. Laugh if you must, but I’m proud to report that today marks my sixth day without the White Stuff and while it has been a challenge, I’m still alive and kicking. This doesn’t mean I don’t miss my little Granulated Friend. In fact, there are moments when I am so overwhelmed by a sugar craving that I’m tempted to put my face in the Sugar dish. Literally.


To get me through the difficult times, I take a stroll down memory lane, remembering desserts past…the insanely delicious apple charlottes I baked two weeks ago…almond croissants filled with delicious almond cream…and the dessert that I drive 20 miles from my suburban home to inhale…Kahlua Walnut Pie – walnut fudge topped with Kahlua whipped cream and lots of sweet, syrupy sauces drizzled across the plate. O.M.G.


It doesn’t get any better or sweeter than this. So if you’re in the DC area, stop what you’re doing right now. Head for Kramerbooks & Afterwards in Dupont Circle and enjoy a moment of silence in my honor before digging in.


And to my friend, Sugar, I giant-puffy-heart-you.



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2 responses to “Gratuitous Post of the Week

  1. ava

    So it’s a lie that you get over sugar cravings in a few days? I’m doomed!

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