Warning: This Post is Completely Frivolous, Yet Delicious!

White Chocolate Amaretto Cookies

A Note Before Reading: You will learn absolutely nothing by reading this post. It’s merely a pitiful attempt to work the craving I’m currently experiencing out of my system without actually giving in and buying, and subsequently eating, the cookies. Carry on.


As if the shelves at Target aren’t already lined with enough items that seem to make their own way into your basket whether you need them or not, I have one more irresistible treat to add to the bunch – Archer Farms White Chocolate Amaretto cookies. In a word…Yum! 


Take two delicious and crisp butter wafers, fill them with a creamy combo of amaretto and white chocolate and you end up with that rare store-bought perfection that cannot be adequately duplicated…like Double Stuff Oreos and Cool Whip. (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE real whipped cream, but for some things only Cool Whip will do.)


So, next time you’re in Target and are looking to waste a few hundred calories, try these cookies. You’ll thank me for it…or not.



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3 responses to “Warning: This Post is Completely Frivolous, Yet Delicious!

  1. Monica

    Hola Danielle – Darn you! You introduced me to these ‘sinfully awesome’ cookies last year and I LOVE them!! Well, I can only have them on special occasions now which is still bad for me, because (for me) everyday is a reason to celebrate…:-)

  2. Hi Danielle,

    Now that Target total just jumped from $100 bucks to $102.75 since one can never leave there without topping the one hundred dollar mark. Well at least in this case, it’d be worth the yum cookie factor.

  3. I think Target is like some nightclubs — they have an unspoken $100 minimum per visit!

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