A ‘Real’ Formal Dinner Party

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to the Real Housewives of Orange County. There, I said it. Judge me if you must, but when it comes to my bleach-blonde, silicone-implanted, class-less at best OC housewives, I just can’t help myself. This show is the perfect storm of dysfunction and disposable income and I look forward to curling up on my couch each Tuesday night to watch the weekly train wreck unfold.

You’re probably wondering what, if anything, this has to do with food? Well, a couple of episodes back, Housewife Tamra hosted a “formal dinner party” (wink-wink – picture tequila shots, an evil plan to get one housewife trashed and conversation that failed to meet the maturity level of high school locker room chatter).  She hired a chef (bless his heart for having to deal with the chaos that ensued); set a lovely table on her patio and invited the other housewives and their husbands to enjoy a dignified (ha!) multi-course meal. And there’s our topic for the day — what exactly are the traditional courses for a formal dinner party?

Formal Dinner Courses

1. Cold hors d’oeuvres

2. Soup

3. Fish or Seafood Dish

4. Entree

5. Cold dish or salad

6. Cheese

7. Dessert

8. Fruit

9. Coffee

Sorbets are often served between courses as palate cleansers.

My housewife friends could learn a lesson or two from the French, who seem to have cornered the market on all things proper when it comes to cuisine, and since I also happen to have attended a French culinary school (where you can take all kinds of cooking classes just for fun – www.lacademie.com); the dinner courses as listed above are in the French meal planning tradition. Tequila shots not included.


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