Be a Party Starter, Not a Party Pooper

The holiday season is here and as the party invitations roll in, the letters R-S-V and P are sure to catch your eye. Whether it’s an e-vite or an actual invitation that comes via snail mail (remember those?), the request for an RSVP is your host’s way of asking, “should I make enough spinach dip for 10 or 15?” or “how many bottles of wine should I buy?” There’s nothing worse than preparing for a party and having absolutely no clue how many guests to expect because no one RSVP’d.


Ok, I get it. We’re all busy. With work, family, life and all that come with it, there’s never enough time in the day. Each day seems busier than the last and sometimes non-life-threatening items can fall through the cracks of our to-do lists. But seriously, these people have invited you to a PARTY, not a root canal, an afternoon or evening of implied fun and even better, food – food you don’t have to cook! All they ask in return is that you call or email to let them know you’ll be there…or you won’t. That’s all they’re asking…and they’re asking in French!


So please, next time someone’s kind enough to extend an invitation to you and they ask for a heads up on whether to expect you, be a good guest. Take 30 seconds and Respondez, S’il Vous Plait.  




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